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Oliver & Company
(1988 George Scribner 80:-)

svensk titel: Oliver och Gänget

This animated Disney film, loosely based on Charles Dickens' "Oliver Twist," revolves around a cute orphaned kitten named Oliver, who is given shelter by a streetwise gang of dogs. A human beggar named Fagin does his best to provide for these homeless (and tuneful) animals.

But Fagin has a problem: he owes the wicked loan shark Sykes a lot of dough, and has only three days in which to cough it up. Oliver and the pooches take it upon themselves to help Fagin out of the doghouse.
One Fine Day
(1996 Michael Hoffman 50:-)

svensk titel: En Underbar Dag

When Maggie and Sammy miss their school field trip, Maggie's divorced dad, Jack (George Clooney), and Sammy's divorced mom, Melanie (Michelle Pfeiffer), are forced to work together in this charming romantic comedy. Jack is a reporter with a big story to break, while Melanie is an architect with a presentation to give and a boss who hates kids. The world-weary adults are antagonistic in the beginning, but warm to each other as the day progresses.
Only the Lonely
(1991 Chris Columbus 50:-)

svensk titel: Mammas Gosse

Adapted from Paddy Chayefsky's Marty, this film from writer-director Chris Columbus stars John Candy as Danny Muldoon, a Chicago police officer who still lives at home with his overbearing mother, Rose (Maureen O'Hara). When Danny meets the shy Theresa (Ally Sheedy) one night at a bar, he's instantly smitten. Unfortunately, both Danny's friends and Rose disapprove, making his quest for a normal relationship and life seemingly impossible.
Out on a Limb
(1992 Francis Weber 50:-)

svensk titel: Tur i Oturen

Yuppie businessman Bill Campbell (Matthew Broderick) is close to sealing a $140 million business deal when he gets a phone call from his little sister Marci (Courtney Peldon), who is convinced that her new stepfather, Peter Van Der Haven (Jeffrey Jones), the mayor of the city of Buzzsaw, California, is up to no good. Though understandably wary, Bill heads to Buzzsaw, where he promptly loses his paperwork on the deal in progress and is confronted by the city's remarkable collection of eccentrics, including the crazed fugitive Sally (Heidi Kling), the subnormal Jim and Jim (John C Reilly and Michael Monks), and Ann (Marian Mercer), the mayor's loopy wife. It turns out that Marci wasn't entirely wrong; year's ago, Peter's diabolical twin brother Matt (also played by Jones) was sent to jail in his brother's place on criminal charges, and now Matt has violent revenge on his mind.