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21 tapaa pilata Avioliitto
(2013 Johanna Vuoksenmaa)

engelsk titel: 21 ways to Ruin a Marriage

Sanna (Armi Toivanen) has clear rules when it comes to men. Sex is fine, occasionally, and preferably under the influence of alcohol. But she does not want to wake up to her bedmate and falling in love is out of the question.

Sanna believes that most relationships are doomed to fail - and as a sociologist she decides to set out to prove her theory (as well as justify her decision to remain single). After extensive studies interviewing married couples, Sanna concludes that divorce is a natural consequence of falling in love, and marriage is strictly a business transaction. But then she meets Aleksi, one of the study participants, at her best friend's 30th birthday party and her world of theories is suddenly turned upside down.
[Nordisk Film]Region 2
Kagemusha - Spökgeneralen
(1980 Akira Kurosawa) 50:-

originaltitel: 影武者

Shingen (Tatsuya Nakadai), a powerful warload, has become as legendary as the motto emblazoned on his war banners. "Swift as the wind, silent as the forest, fierce as the fire, immovable as the mountain".

As he lies dying from his battle wounds, Shingen orders his clan to find a double to replace him - to keep his death secret so that his enemies will not attack. The man chosen for this role is called Kagemusha (the shadow of the warrior). However this Kagemusha turns out to be a petty criminal who must somehow transfer himself into a great leader and command allegiance of 25,000 samurai warriors.
[20th Century]Region 2
Kaksipäisen Kotka Varjossa
(2005 Timo Koivusalo) 50:-

english titel: Shadow of the Eagle

En berättelse som utspelar sig i början av 1900-talet om en poet som blev en symbol för det finska folkets frihetsdrömmar, som förföljs för starkt motsatta förryssningsplaner.

Filmen berättar om hur ord kan användas mot vapen och vända historiens gång. Det är en berättelse om en liten nations beslutsamhet och tysta kraft kan göra det omöjliga möjligt.
[Artista]Region 2
Keeping the Faith
(2000 Edward Norton)

svensk titel: Tro, Hopp, Kärlek

Jake Schram (Ben Stiller) and Brian Finn (Edward Norton) are single, successful, extremely popular guys who have been best friends since, well, forever. They are about to be reunited with their other best childhood buddy - the feisty, lanky tomboy, Anna (Jenna Elfman).

Anna has grown into a high-powered, workaholic beauty whose re-entry into their lives turns this old circle of friends into a love triangle, a very complicated one at that because Jake's a rabbi and Brian is a priest.
[Touchstone]Region 2
(1969 Ken Loach) 80:-

svensk titel: Kes - Falken

British filmmaking showed much of its potential in this marvellous production chronicling the boyhood experiences of Billy (David Bradley), whose expectations lead no further than following his father into the pits when he reaches manhood.

Everything changes when he finds Kes, an injured Kestrel, whom he nurses and cherishes back to health. Their relationship becomes symbolic of a doomed attempt to escape the drudgery of the industrial North.
[MGM]Region 2
Kill Point, The
(2007 Steve Shill) 50:-

The critically acclaimed and adrenaline fuelled series The Kill Point stars John Leguizamo as Mr Wolf, an Iraq war veteran who leads his ex-platoon on a daring bank heist in broad daylight.
But when the robbery goes tragically wrong, the one-time soldier has no choice but to take hostages - and take sides against the country that he once served. Going head-to-head with Mr. Wolf is capt. Horst Cali, a no-nonsense hostage negotiator who refuses to back down in the face of mounting pressure. What follows is a thrilling match of wits and guts between two men who both have something to prove...and everything to lose.
[Lionsgate]Region 2
Killing Zoe
(1993 Roger Avary)

An American safecracker named Zed. (Eric Stoltz) is summoned to Paris by his childhood buddy, Eric (Jean-Hugues Anglade). Eric has the perfect, no fail robbery plan for Zed. We go in, we get what we want, we come out. But in life nothings perfect.
Dreams of easy money quickly evaporate when the heist starts to go wrong and Eric transforms into a psychotic, drug crazed sociopath! As the robbery spins out of control, the death toll mounts. The next victim is the bank secretary, the trouble is, she's Zoe, and Zed's in love with her. He has a second to decide what side he is on...
[Region]Region 1
(1984 John Davies) 80:-

A friendly street kid in India, during the last years of the nineteenth century, looks and considers himself Indian, but is in fact a Brit. The Brits discover his true origin, and train him as a spy.
[MSM]Region 2
King Kong
(1976 John Guillermin) 50:-

Primate palaeontologist Jack Prescott (Jeff Bridges) sneaks aboard an expedition to the uncharted Skull Island, warning the ruthless oil executive Fred Wilson (Charles Grodin) against exploiting its resources with an ominous message about "the roar of the greatest beast" from previous doomed explorers.

En route they rescue aspiring actress Dwan (Jessica Lange), the sole survivor of a shipwreck. Upon disembarking on the island they discover a strange primitive world of mystery and danger, where the natives live within the confines of a vast wall to protect them from the giant ape god, Kong. Dwan is abducted and offered as a sacrifice to the savage beast, before the crew rescue her and capture Kong to take him to New York. Wilson views him as a profitable Broadway attraction, but the ape has other ideas and escapes to rampage through the streets of the Big Apple.
[Universal]Region 2
King Kong
(1933 Merian C Cooper) 50:-

Experience the excitement and the terror felt by movie-going audiences when RKO released the original monster classic.

Behold the discovery of the giant ape King Kong on Skull Island, his terrifying battle against the prehistoric creatures that live there, and his brutal murder of the ship's sailors that follow him. See King Kong's voyage to New York and his fatal attraction to the beautiful Fay Wray, leading to death and destruction as Kong pursues her through New York City. Witness the awe-inspiring finale as Kong ascends the Empire State Building, only to be shot down by fighter pilots in a breathtaking display of 1930's aerial photography.
[Warner]Region 2
Kings of the Sun
(1963 J Lee Thompson)

In this historical adventure saga, Balam is the son of the ruler of the Mayan people; when his father is killed in battle, Balam succeeds his father as King and leads his followers out of Mexico to a coastal region. The Mayan's new home, however, is already the province of a hostile Indian tribe led by Black Eagle, who leads a raid against the Mayan's camp. Balam is severely injured, but Black Eagle's wife Ixchel tends to his wounds, and eventually the two leaders agree to settle their differences and coexist in peace. Hunac Ceel, Balam's old nemesis, is not so forgiving. He has followed the Mayans to their new home, where he and his troops mount a furious attack, with the Indians and the Mayans leading a united front against the invaders.
[MGM] Region 1
Knight's Tale, A
(2001 Brian Helgeland)

svensk titel: En Riddares Historia

"A Knight's Tale" is the rousing story of lowborn William Thatcher's (Ledger) quest to change his stars, win the heart of an exceedingly fair maiden (Shannyn Sossamon) and rock his medieval world.
Follow this fearless squire and his band of medieval misfits as they careen their way toward impossible glory that's part romance, part road trip and part exuberant swashbuckler.
[Columbia]Region 1
Kuudes Kerta
(2017 Maarit Lallin) 50:-

english title: The Sixth Time

A woman who knows how to say yes, and a man who can not say no: Ricky is a real estate agent who loves women. Annika is a private detective, but not a good one.

She lives with a girlfriend and specializes in the detection of complex relationships. He is a great salesman, who has two calendars - Work and women. An assignment she collides with the real estate agent stand. The apartment does not display unnecessary procrastination: she just wants to have sex without feelings. For Ricky, this is just fine. Relationship works by mutual cooperation and assistance agreement - until it becomes famous for the sixth time.
[Nordisk Film]Region 2
Köpmannen i Venedig
(2004 Michael Radford) 50:-

originaltitel: The Merchant from Venice

Set in beautiful 16th century Venice, one of Shakespeare's finest plays is brought magically to life in this 'sumptuous production' which is guaranteed to capture your imagination from beginning to end.
[Scanbox]Region 2