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Bonniers Stora Film & Video Guide
(Bonniers Swe 1999 Hft 80:-)

"Bonniers Stora Film & Video Guide" är baserat på ansedda amerikanska "Leonard Maltin's Movie & Video Guide". Här finns kunniga och bitska omdömen om c:a 9000 filmer. Alla är betygssatta och försedda med uppgifter om bland annat regissör, skådespelare, längd och premiärår.

Som vanligt är ambitionen både att lotsa rätt i filmvalet, och att ge mer eller mindre udda information som gör filmupplevelserna rikare.
Burton, Tim - Planet of the Apes: Re-Imagined
(Newmarket Press US 2001 HC/DJ 120:-)

With over 200 photographs, drawings, storyboards, and the complete screenplay, a magnificent visual book on Twentieth Century Fox's Planet of the Apes, as reimagined by visionary director Tim Burton (Sleepy Hollow, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Batman). The original 1968 Planet of the Apes starring Charlton Heston spawned a worldwide cult of devoted fans, along with four movie sequels, two TV series, and over $100 million in merchandise sales. This Planet of the Apes tells an all-new story (with echoes of the original), brought up to date by today's most acclaimed creator of cinematic worlds and a state-of-the-art production team. This book reveals the brilliant filmcraft—from preliminary production designs and character sketches to fully realized scenic art and blueprints, and the final sets and action as photographed. The complete screenplay is included, as well as details of the production from casting to post, glimpses behind the creation of the thrilling action and special effects, and insights into Tim Burton's envisioning of this classic story. Over 200 color illustrations. First Edition.
Comedy Greats
Barry Took 120:-

Offers profiles of top American and British comedians and looks at their movies, television shows, and stage performances
Disney Treasures, The
(Robert Tieman HC/Slipcase 225:-)

Selected from the vast archives of the Walt Disney Company, this historic collection includes handwritten letters and notes of Walt's, rare character sketches from the 1930's and 1940's, replicas of Disneyland's opening-day tickets, photos, movie theater programs, comic strips, greeting cards, commissary menus, and other treasures, reproduced in facsimile form. Many of these special features are designed to be removable so readers can touch and hold masterfully reproduced bits of history. In addition, the book comes with a 60-minute CD that features previously unheard audio of Walt Disney , radio commercials from the 1950s, and never-before-released sound tracks from the parks' most popular attraction.
Holden, Anthony - Olivier
(Weidenfeld & Nicolson UK 1988 HC/DJ 100:-)

Revealing the man behind the myth, this perceptive, witty, and penetrating portrait investigates Laurence Olivier—not merely the greatest actor of the 20th century, but perhaps of all time. Its chapters touch on his achievements as a director of both plays and films, his central role in the founding of the National Theater, and the off-stage dramas of his private life. First Edition.
Lax, Eric - Woody Allen
(Charterhouse US 1975 HC/DJ 80:-)

Although a bit early for a biographal piece, this book does provide some great insight into the thought processes of one of the greatest comedians of all time. It is seperated into stages, first going into Woody doing stand-up at Vegas, then taking a look at his (rather interesting) early life, then his film debut in "What's New Pussycat?" and further on into some of his other films, most notably "Sleeper." It then highlights some experiences from his plays and discusses a few of his essays published in "The New Yorker." Obviously it's not chronological throughout, not that it needs to be.
O'Toole, Peter - Loitering with Intent
Peter O'Toole 80:-

Peter O'Toole's account of his early life - a childhood framed by "Captain" Patrick O'Toole, itinerant racetrack bookmaker and Constance Jane Eliot Ferguson who had "wavy black hair, quick eyes and a determination to marry for money", his schooldays under the long shadow of Adolf Hitler, his years in the navy, his short-lived career as a cub reporter and the almost accidental audition at RADA that launched his career.
Paul Newman - Superstar
Lionel Godfrey 50:-

This was the first full-length biography to shed light on a Hollwood Idol whose real-life exploits and enigmatic personality have become even more fascinating with the passage of years. Paul Newman Superstar explores the extraordinary careers and the shared life of Paul and Joanne, but above all Lionel Godfrey provides us with an in-depth, rare and incisive look at Paul Newman himself--the celebrity and the extremely private man, the beer-drinking, fast-driving, hard-living sex symbol, and the uncomplicated family man whose marriage has endured through decades of Hollywood stress and slander. It is a story of one of the rarest acting talents of our time; a great director and great man.
Sagan om Ringen
Jude Fisher 120:-

I denna generöst illustrerade och läckert formgivna bok följer du med in i Sagan om ringens värld och får massor av information i text och bild om Frodo, Gandalf, Ringvålnaderna och alla de andra färgstarka karaktärerna. Här finns också detaljrika och storslagna bilder på filmens miljöer: Fylke, Rivendel och Mordor.
Saturday Evening Post Movie Book
anthology 80:-

Articles that first appeared in the Saturday Evening Post from 1902 up to and including 1974, with illustrations and photographs that appeared with the articles. Thanks and acknowledgments were given for reprints of interviews with Ingrid Bergman, Gary Cooper, Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Alfred Hitchcock, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Jimmy Stewart, and John Wayne. The entire 152 page book is filled with nostalgic articles, interviews, photographs, and illustrations that is sure to appeal to any reader interested in Hollywood memorabilia.