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Sex Pistols - Something Else
(Virgin VS-240 Swe-79 VG+ 175:-)

The most famous (and infamous) band of the late 70s punk scene. Their rebellious image combined with a commercial sound (partly thanks to producer Chris Thomas) created some of the most memorable moments of the 70s - both musical and otherwise.

Swedish release on red/green Virgin labels. Typo on A side stating 'Vocols': Sid Vicious.
Silver King Rhythm Band - My Balls are Blue
(Dangerzone D-0000001 US-81 VG+ 225:-)

The Silver King Band was formed in 1980 from a loose collective of musicians based in St.Pete, Florida. By mid '81 the group consisted of Flo Mingo, Rock Bottom and Barry Cuda (known then as St.Petey Twigs!). They went to Scandinavia in late '81 and continued to tour and record for the next four years. In 1984, after a burst of fame overseas, they broke up.

Original US pressing on BLUE vinyl. The sleeve has been signed by the band.
Simon & Garfunkel - A Hazy Shade of Winter
(CBS EP-6156 Ger-67 EX 225:-)

Simon & Garfunkel were an American folk rock duo consisting of singer-songwriter Paul Simon and singer Art Garfunkel. They were one of the most popular recording artists of the 1960's and became counterculture icons of the decade's social revolution.

Original German EP; containing "A Hazy Shade of Winter", "The 59th Street Bridge Song", "A Simple Desultory Philippic" and "A Poem on the Underground Wall".
Sir Henry & his Butlers - Let's Go
(Sonet T-7183 Swe-65 EX 200:-)

Sir Henry and his Butlers was a Danish rock-pop group which was formed during the summer of 1964 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The group is mostly known for its two front figures Ole "Sir Henry" Bredahl and Tommy Seebach.

Swedish pressing on GREEN vinyl; contains "Let's Go" b/w "Johnny B Goode".
Slade - Get Down and Get With It
(Polydor 2058 123 Nor-71 VG+ 225:-)

Deafeningly loud and cheerfully sleazy, Slade stomped out any of the sexual ambiguity of glam with their big-booted hooks and guitars, creating some of the biggest U.K. hits of the '70s.

With this 4th single and it's A-side sounding as the Beatles playing Little Richard, Slade will find the path to the charts in May 1971 (n°16 in UK). Original Norwegian single, b/w Gospel according to Rasputin, in an unique picture sleeve.
Slade - Take Me Bak 'ome
(Polydor 2058.231 Nor-72 VG+ 225:-)

West Midlanders Slade became a sensation in their homeland with their anthemic brand of glam rock in the early '70s, as they scored a staggering 11 Top Five hits in a four-year span from 1971 to 1974 (five of which topped the charts).

Original Scandinavian single; b/w "Wonderin' Y".
Smiths - William, it was really Nothing
(Rough Trade RT-166 Swe-84 EX 250:-)

The Smiths were one of the great bands of the '80s, driven equally by Johnny Marr's dexterous guitar riffs and Morrissey's fiercely witty wordplay.

Original Swedish single in textured picture sleeve; b/w "Please Please Please let me get what I want".
Sonics - Love-Itis
(Piccadilly 225 US-67 EX 300:-)

Of all the garage bands that made a glorious racket in the 1960s, few if any were louder, wilder, or more raw than the Sonics, a Tacoma, Washington quintet whose over the top style, complete with roaring guitars, pounding drums, and the fevered howls of lead singer Gerry Roslie, anticipated the mania of punk and pushed rock & roll deep into the red zone during their 1963-1966 heyday.

Original US pressing; b/w "You're in Love".
Springsteen, Bruce - I'm on Fire
(CBS WA-6342 UK-85 EX 350:-)

Nicknamed "The Boss", Springsteen is an American singer-songwriter and rock musician, widely known for his brand of poetic lyrics, his Jersey Shore roots, his distinctive voice, and his lengthy and energetic stage performances.

1985 UK limited edition 'US flag' Shaped Picture Disc single, also including "Born in the USA", housed in a clear PVC sleeve.
Springsteen, Bruce - Prove it All Night
(CBS/Sony 06SP-232 Jap-78 VG+ 300:-)

Nicknamed "The Boss", Springsteen is an American singer-songwriter and rock musician, widely known for his brand of poetic lyrics, his Jersey Shore roots, his distinctive voice, and his lengthy and energetic stage performances.

1978 Japanese wide centred 7" single, b/w "Factory", complete with the die-cut company sleeve & a unique picture insert printed with Japanese biography text & lyrics on the reverse.
Swinging Blue Jeans - Make me Know you're Mine
(His Masters Voice POP-1409 Swe-65 VG+ 200:-)

Although they're only remembered today for their 1964 hit "Hippy Hippy Shake," which charted on both sides of the Atlantic -- the Swinging Blue Jeans were actually one of the strongest of the Liverpool bands from the '60s British Invasion; and, indeed, the Blue Jeans' earliest incarnation goes back about as far as the roots of the Beatles as the Quarry Men.

Original Swedish single; b/w "I've got a Girl".