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Beethoven - Eroica
(HMV ASD-426 UK-6? VG+ 500:-)

One of the great unsung conductors of the middle twentieth century, Rudolf Kempe is perhaps best remembered as a connoisseur's conductor, one valued for his strong creative temperament rather than for any personal mystique.

One of the Beethoven's most celebrated works, the Eroica symphony is a large-scale composition that broke boundaries in symphonic form, length, harmony, emotional and cultural content. It is widely considered a landmark in the transition between the Classical and the Romantic era.

2nd UK pressing on the RED label.
Enrico Caruso - Complete Recordings
(Murray Hill 920328 US-73 VG+ 350:-)

Italian operatic tenor Enrico Caruso is touted as one of the most popular opera singers of the twentieth century.

Caruso’s ascent ran parallel with the emergence of early recording technology. Because of his use of the gramophone record as a medium for his art, the gramophone record became socially acceptable. Caruso recorded approximately 290 commercially released recordings. This 14LP Box Set collects 238 performances; Arias, Ballads, Neapolitan Songs etc.
Philip Glass - Einstein on the Beach
(CBS Masterworks M4-38875 Hol-79 EX 350:-)

An amazing record, and one that forever transformed the sound of opera in the US – the amazing summation of all the many musical ideas that Philip Glass had been cooking up since the 60s, done as a mindblowing stage presentation with Robert Wilson! Voices, organ, reeds, and piano come together in wonderful lines that go on and on, seemingly forever, in endless variations and rivulets of sound – as simple in structure as the leaner small combo minimalist work from Glass – but with a very different style in the fuller setting, with a sonic quality that still is as groundbreaking today as it was back in the 70s!

The box has a small dent at the upper right corner.

Steve Reich - Sextet / Six Marimbas
(Nonesuch 979138-1 Ger-87 EX 275:-)

Steve Reich is a highly influential avant-garde composer and one of the key founders of the minimalist school of music. Reich has embraced a wide variety of musical styles and interests, forging from them a unique synthesis.

"Sextet / Six Marimbas" is one of the finest releases of mid-career Reich, entirely without the pretensions that marred some of his other work from the period, and is highly recommended.
Wagner/Solti - Der Ring des Nibelungen
(Decca D100D UK-78 EX 800:-)

This first complete studio recording of Wagner's "Der Ring des Nibelungen", made between 1958 and 1966, was a groundbreaking technical and artistic achievement, the most ambitious and intricately involved opera recording project of the 20th century.

Producer John Culshaw and conductor Georg Solti assembled the most impressive Wagnerian musicians available. The Vienna Philharmonic, one of the very finest orchestras in the world, plays with a sure grasp of Wagner's style, with passionate intensity and with impeccable musicianship. Solti's epic vision of the Ring glows in its details and overwhelms in its sweeping drama.